Monday, April 30, 2012

April's Painting

So, didn't paint as much as I had hoped, but did paint more than February and March together. So I guess that's something. Also my attention has been all over the place, Regimental Fire & Fury (painted a few stands of old Airfix 1/72), Carthaginian DBM, Franco-Prussian war has my attention (lucky for me I don't own any of that). Here is this months work.

Imperial Guard Lancers, Dutch, Polish and Berg

The Dutch 'Red' Lancers. May have made a mistake on the pennants, some internet pictures have them white over red. Yet the paintings by Patrice Courcelle (might by Jack Girbal not 100% sure) in the Soldier and Uniforms of Napoleonic War by Historie & Collections, which I based the Dutch on, shows red over white.

Polish Lancers

Berg Lancers. I freely admit the uniform is inaccurate. They had abandoned the white and pink for the green uniforms when they were equipped with lancers. BUT...they look SO much cooler as white and pink. So a little artistic freedom taken to brighten up the battlefield.

2nd Carabinier

4th Lancers

French Corp and Division commander. Corp commander is based on General Montbrun in 1812.

French Young Guard Tirailleurs

Wrede's Brigade of Bavarians at Hohenliden. Bavarian flags are a pain in the ass to paint (and I loathe the oversized ones you can buy). Close up they don't look good...but at a distance it gives a good impression of the checkboard white and blue diamonds.

Close up of Bavarian Line Chasseurs and Independent Light Battalion.

Austrian Lancers

Russian Hussar Brigade, six stands of the Pavlograd Hussars and two of the Marioupol Hussars.

Russian Foot Artillery

Prussian 1st Leib Hussars...(I think)..forget where I placed their notes and they aren't labelled yet.

 Ulm's Brigade at Marengo, IR 17 Hohenlohe and IR 18 Stuart

Some Prussian Seven Years War, to be used for my 1806 Prussian battles. Haven't painted the standard yet, they were ordered to return them in 1743 and haven't found any info on them yet.

The unit is the 4th Hussars, Puttkamer, Regiment nicknamed the Bahlammer (The screaming lambs) and later the die Wolfe im Schafspelz (The wolves in sheep's clothing). I guess the baby blue and white uniforms gave their enemies a false impression of their fighting skill.

Something different

So besides my Napoleonics been painting up some 6mm Carthaginians for DBM to sell in order to buy more Napoleonics. Had these ancients for..idk..10-15 years..sitting in a box. Painted a lot of Celtic/Gallic Infantry but haven't mounted any yet. But did finish a stand of Elephants that I thought came out pretty well.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Winter's Work

So my painting schedule did drop off, some what drastically. BUT in my defense, most of the past months was working hard on the AoE Scenarios I made. Those scenarios and maps took up way more time than I thought it would. It was worth it in the end but did limit my painting. That and 10 days in March which were in the 70s-80s here in Chicago, very hard to stay inside during such a heat wave. With the scenarios finished April's painting has been on schedule and looking good, these figures aren't in the photos below. I hope can keep up the current pace, despite Easter, Little Wars and a Borodino playtest taking up some days.

February and March's work...I know it wasn't much.

An Austrian Grenzer Brigade with two Jager Battalions attached.

Close up of the Jagers

1806 Saxon Grenadiers

Russian Dragoons, Tver on the left St. Petersburg on the right.

Russian Horse Guards

Prussian Dragoon Brigade from Oppen's Division at the Battle of Gross Beeren, The Queen's, Brandenburg and 2nd West Prussian Regiments.

Swedish Artillery

French 25th Dragoons

Two French Legere Brigades

Two French Ligne Brigades

4th Wurttemburg Regiment (The flash bled out the bright pink of the standards)

The Wurzburg Regiment, a nice looking unit although I believe only really needed as an independent unit for the Battle of Friedland

Friday, March 30, 2012

AoE Scenarios

I've upload my FREE AoE scenario book "Power is my Mistress" to the AoE yahoo group. 28 Scenarios from Castricum to Waterloo. Over 150 pages including color maps and unit labels. If your not part of the yahoo group I can't recommend it enough for Napoleonic Wargaming.


For Sale

As I'm trying to redo my Napoleonic collection for scratch, and considering HOW
much painting that's going to involve (2-3 years at best estimate). I can't see myself doing any AoH in the
future. So I've put whats left of my painted AoH 6mm up on Ebay. About 11 Packs
of Heroics and Ros, mainly French..some nice work there if anyone is looking to
add to their 6mm collection.\


Sunday, January 15, 2012

So far so good...

Well 15 days later and I'm on track with my 2012 painting schedule. 75 stands done.

All the work done so far.

Joseph Bonaparte in 1812 (I realized after painting him, he went back to Westphalia after arguing with Davout so he saw no actual fighting making the corp stand for him pointless....but it was fun painting him)

Stockmeyer's Brigade at Gross Beeren (1813) the Wurttemburg 7th Line Infantry and the 9th & 10th Light Battalions attached.

Wurttemburg Foot and Horse Artillery (The horse teams for the foot artillery wasn't finished in time for the photos)

French Young Guard 1st Voltigeurs

French 11th (left) & 26th (right) Chasseurs

Late war Saxon  Hussars and Uhlans

Late war Saxon Heavy Cavalry, the Lifeguards and the Zastrow Cuirassier. (Sadly the photos don't do these guys justice, they are up there with some of my best work)

Swedish Infantry. Brandstroem's Brigade; the Vastgotadahls, Vestmanlands and Jamtlands Regiments (from left to right). I replaced the Nerike regiment with the Jamtland, to bring some variety to the brigade. I liked their grey uniforms with green facing color.

8th Prussian Infantry (1st Brandenburg) in 1813

5th Prussian Infantry (4th East Prussian) in 1813

Austrian Erdody (Frimont) Hussars

I painted a stand of Swedish artillery and two of seven years war Prussian Cuirassier as well, but I figure by themselves they weren't enough for a solo pic (they're included in the big photo though).

Hopefully I keep up the pace and get everything done soon.