Friday, March 30, 2012

AoE Scenarios

I've upload my FREE AoE scenario book "Power is my Mistress" to the AoE yahoo group. 28 Scenarios from Castricum to Waterloo. Over 150 pages including color maps and unit labels. If your not part of the yahoo group I can't recommend it enough for Napoleonic Wargaming.


For Sale

As I'm trying to redo my Napoleonic collection for scratch, and considering HOW
much painting that's going to involve (2-3 years at best estimate). I can't see myself doing any AoH in the
future. So I've put whats left of my painted AoH 6mm up on Ebay. About 11 Packs
of Heroics and Ros, mainly French..some nice work there if anyone is looking to
add to their 6mm collection.\