Friday, June 13, 2014

First Age of Reason game

So we played this game back in November 2013. We trying a modified version of Warfare in the Age of Reason rules. The biggest change is the removal of the charge phase and having units make charges when their movement card comes up. So it was a great game, very close really could have gone either way. Another change we might make is change the army withdrawal checks for multiple standards or batteries captured or taken, in larger games it seems these could have a huge swing in the checks. In a small battle 10-15 units these would make more of an impact that 25+ unit games.

Video of the game.

Pictures of the game. The color strips on the units represent losses, white equals one hit, yellow two hits, blue is disordered, orange is broken, red is routed, green is limbered artillery, purple is "reacting" cavalry, and black is artillery which lost their guns.

My friend's youngest daughter, normally a sweetheart but she did call us 'nerds' while watching the game.

D&D Figures

A few monsters I painted for our D&D Group.

Ancient Carthaginian Army

Painted and mounted these for DBM and sold them on Ebay. The pictures didn't come out very good and don't do them justice especially the Carthage Citizen Infantry.

Whole Army

Citizen Infantry

Spanish Scutarii

Libyan Slingers

Numidian Javelins

Celtic Infantry

Celtic Cavalry

Citizen Cavalry

Spanish Cavalry

Numidian Cavalry

My Seven Years War French Army

Oddly enough I didn't take a 'whole army' on display picture. Rather surprised by that, something else I'll have to up date when I find the time.

Again all Heroics and Ros. All flags are hand painted.

Five Regiments of French Infantry. Beauvoisis, Dauphin, Piedmont, Royal Artillerie, and Royal Montbazon.

Another view and a close up.

Four Regiments of Swiss Infantry. Castellas, Diesbach, Planta and Waldner.

Four German Infantry Regiments: Alsace, Anhalt, Royal Bavarie, and Royal Seudois.

Volontaries d'Alsace, a French light infantry regiment.

Two Grenadier Battalions with Piedmont Regiment attached, the "Elite Brigade" of the army.

Marshal Victor, the Duc de Broglie and Prince de Lorraine. That's the Broglie family crest I painted on the standard (at least I'm pretty sure it is).

 French Artillery

French Light Cavalry. Two Regiments of Dragoons and one of Hussars. I know the French Dragons were wearing hats and instead of the caps. But painting them up as the War of Spanish Succession version gives the army a little more variety and style.

95% of the French cavalry in my army is two small regiments banded together (again based on the AoR rules). But the Apchon Dragoons regiment here is larger, a full regiment on its own. The other dragoon unit is Du Roy and La Frenonaye Dragoons. The hussars are Bercheny and Royal Nassau.

Close ups.

French Line Cavalry and a 6 stand Gendarme unit.

Close ups