Monday, January 2, 2012

Back on track...

Okay, sssooo.....totally failed at last years painting schedule. I blame running a complicated D&D campaign (which was an awesome time) and WoW (Damn you crack-craft!!!!). But the D&D party wiped, so I'm free of DMing for awhile (fingers crossed) and WoW even with 4.3 patch has gotten stale pretty fast. I hope the next expansion doesn't come out til fall/winter. And in some ways I'm lucky my old PC can't handle SWTOR, because I have no doubt that would suck me in fast. Once again I feel inspired to paint whats left of the Napoleonics and 7YW I own. To be honest not sure why...the remaining collection is scattered and unorganized I can't actually play a battle. But I do wish to finish them...most likely sell on Ebay afterwards.

The plan is to paint 5 stands, or one Heroics and Ros pack, per day. So far so good. Since 12/30 have painted a twelve stand Swedish Infantry brigade, a late war Saxon Light Cavalry Brigade and some 7YW Prussian Cuirassier. At 1 pack a day that's just over 150 stand by months end. So I'll come back in 29 days with all the photos of what I completed...and it better be 150 stands.

Til then, be warm and safe.

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