Sunday, January 15, 2012

So far so good...

Well 15 days later and I'm on track with my 2012 painting schedule. 75 stands done.

All the work done so far.

Joseph Bonaparte in 1812 (I realized after painting him, he went back to Westphalia after arguing with Davout so he saw no actual fighting making the corp stand for him pointless....but it was fun painting him)

Stockmeyer's Brigade at Gross Beeren (1813) the Wurttemburg 7th Line Infantry and the 9th & 10th Light Battalions attached.

Wurttemburg Foot and Horse Artillery (The horse teams for the foot artillery wasn't finished in time for the photos)

French Young Guard 1st Voltigeurs

French 11th (left) & 26th (right) Chasseurs

Late war Saxon  Hussars and Uhlans

Late war Saxon Heavy Cavalry, the Lifeguards and the Zastrow Cuirassier. (Sadly the photos don't do these guys justice, they are up there with some of my best work)

Swedish Infantry. Brandstroem's Brigade; the Vastgotadahls, Vestmanlands and Jamtlands Regiments (from left to right). I replaced the Nerike regiment with the Jamtland, to bring some variety to the brigade. I liked their grey uniforms with green facing color.

8th Prussian Infantry (1st Brandenburg) in 1813

5th Prussian Infantry (4th East Prussian) in 1813

Austrian Erdody (Frimont) Hussars

I painted a stand of Swedish artillery and two of seven years war Prussian Cuirassier as well, but I figure by themselves they weren't enough for a solo pic (they're included in the big photo though).

Hopefully I keep up the pace and get everything done soon.

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  1. Hi Steve,

    totally love your blog!! Been searching for years to find something like this. Superb painting skills mate.. and I love the Saxons & Wurttemburgers! Great stuff! I have H&R Naps myself..they are the best around, always have been. Keep up the good work.