Monday, April 30, 2012

April's Painting

So, didn't paint as much as I had hoped, but did paint more than February and March together. So I guess that's something. Also my attention has been all over the place, Regimental Fire & Fury (painted a few stands of old Airfix 1/72), Carthaginian DBM, Franco-Prussian war has my attention (lucky for me I don't own any of that). Here is this months work.

Imperial Guard Lancers, Dutch, Polish and Berg

The Dutch 'Red' Lancers. May have made a mistake on the pennants, some internet pictures have them white over red. Yet the paintings by Patrice Courcelle (might by Jack Girbal not 100% sure) in the Soldier and Uniforms of Napoleonic War by Historie & Collections, which I based the Dutch on, shows red over white.

Polish Lancers

Berg Lancers. I freely admit the uniform is inaccurate. They had abandoned the white and pink for the green uniforms when they were equipped with lancers. BUT...they look SO much cooler as white and pink. So a little artistic freedom taken to brighten up the battlefield.

2nd Carabinier

4th Lancers

French Corp and Division commander. Corp commander is based on General Montbrun in 1812.

French Young Guard Tirailleurs

Wrede's Brigade of Bavarians at Hohenliden. Bavarian flags are a pain in the ass to paint (and I loathe the oversized ones you can buy). Close up they don't look good...but at a distance it gives a good impression of the checkboard white and blue diamonds.

Close up of Bavarian Line Chasseurs and Independent Light Battalion.

Austrian Lancers

Russian Hussar Brigade, six stands of the Pavlograd Hussars and two of the Marioupol Hussars.

Russian Foot Artillery

Prussian 1st Leib Hussars...(I think)..forget where I placed their notes and they aren't labelled yet.

 Ulm's Brigade at Marengo, IR 17 Hohenlohe and IR 18 Stuart

Some Prussian Seven Years War, to be used for my 1806 Prussian battles. Haven't painted the standard yet, they were ordered to return them in 1743 and haven't found any info on them yet.

The unit is the 4th Hussars, Puttkamer, Regiment nicknamed the Bahlammer (The screaming lambs) and later the die Wolfe im Schafspelz (The wolves in sheep's clothing). I guess the baby blue and white uniforms gave their enemies a false impression of their fighting skill.


  1. Hello, a substantial amount of painting here for a month. I would agree with you and your Berg Lancers, it's how I would do them if and when I get the chance. Your Bavarian flags are fine, good job there. I have no hope with these myself. All in all a great effort you should be proud of yourself. Well done. General Montbrun is a particular favourite. And Lancers de Berg!

  2. Great work and nice minis. Glad to know the previous owner of the big reinforcements to my armies. As far as the 4th Prussian Hussars yuo can find the flags at



  3. That's some very nice units! And a nice blog too...

  4. Greetings kronos

    Nice Blog! It's great to see someone else doing 6mm Heroics & Ros Napoleonics. I started collecting & painting mine over 20 years ago as well. Though I've just rebased them all for the DBN rules. I'll follow your painting updates closely.

    All the Best