Friday, April 6, 2012

Winter's Work

So my painting schedule did drop off, some what drastically. BUT in my defense, most of the past months was working hard on the AoE Scenarios I made. Those scenarios and maps took up way more time than I thought it would. It was worth it in the end but did limit my painting. That and 10 days in March which were in the 70s-80s here in Chicago, very hard to stay inside during such a heat wave. With the scenarios finished April's painting has been on schedule and looking good, these figures aren't in the photos below. I hope can keep up the current pace, despite Easter, Little Wars and a Borodino playtest taking up some days.

February and March's work...I know it wasn't much.

An Austrian Grenzer Brigade with two Jager Battalions attached.

Close up of the Jagers

1806 Saxon Grenadiers

Russian Dragoons, Tver on the left St. Petersburg on the right.

Russian Horse Guards

Prussian Dragoon Brigade from Oppen's Division at the Battle of Gross Beeren, The Queen's, Brandenburg and 2nd West Prussian Regiments.

Swedish Artillery

French 25th Dragoons

Two French Legere Brigades

Two French Ligne Brigades

4th Wurttemburg Regiment (The flash bled out the bright pink of the standards)

The Wurzburg Regiment, a nice looking unit although I believe only really needed as an independent unit for the Battle of Friedland

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  1. Brilliant once again. You paint and base a lot for two months, that's pretty impressive. love the obscure units, don't often see Wurzberg or even Saxons much. I love it! You inspire me.