Friday, June 13, 2014

Seven Years War Prussian

These Prussians were painted for my friend as the starting point for our grand 18th Century project. Hoping to do the "Sport of Kings" campaign from the Warfare in the Age of Reason rules.

All figures are Heroics and Ros, my 6mm (true 6mm!) favorites. I know Baccus and Adler are all the rage these days, but when playing 6mm you will NEVER notice the more detailed the lightly larger / robust figures have over H&R. Plus I still think Baccus cavalry way oversized the rider and headgear compared to the relative size of the horse (they're big animals).

All flags are hand painted.

The whole army so far, the is more to come for the Prussians.
Remember you can click on all pictures for larger view.

Prussian Hussars

Zeithen's 2nd Hussars. I know that Frederick order the Hussars to return their standards in 1743, but it does add a little extra flavor to the unit. Plus the AoR reason rules allow the chance for the enemy to capture standards in a successful melee.

Prussian Cuirassier. The 8th, 10th, and 11th Regiments.

Prussian Dragoons. I've forgotten which regiments. I update the post once I find out.

Some Prussian Artillery.

Some Prussian Grenadier Battalions and the 6th Garde Regiment.

Close up of some grenadiers.

Five Fusilier Regiments. Prince Heinrich, Munchow, Kursell, Kreyten, and Wurttemburg Regiments. I always try to pick and paint the regiments that fought in numerous battles. 

 Close up of Wurttemburg and Munchow Regiments.

Five Musketeer Regiments. Braunschweig, Dohna, Forcade, Kalckstein, and a mystery one
because I forgot to write it down in my painting records, so again I'll have to check next time we play.

 Close up view.

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  1. Very well painted figures.

    Our group mostly use H&R for Horse and Musket as well as WWII & Modern. Certainly I am very happy with them. Some recent photos can be found in the Volley & Bayonet section of my website should you be interested.